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Efficiently Workout For Your Body Comp Blueprint

You Are What You Consume
A great factor in determining and defining each individual’s Body Comp Blueprint is the food that they consume or eat. As the saying goes “you are what you eat”, but most gym instructors would say that it’s alright to eat anything as long as you burn those calories and unused carbohydrates. For people who would want to gain more mass and muscle growth, a high-protein diet is highly recommended along with a varying degree of weight-lifting. While people who would want to lose weight and acquire a slimmer or leaner body structure would want a low carbohydrate diet accompanied by mostly cardiovascular exercises.

Different Cardio Workouts:
• Old School Cardio – this classic method was proven to be ineffective for both men in women in terms of losing body fat and weight. Thus, making this method inefficient or rather useless
• High-intensity Cardio – this program is designed without any specific time to spend on the gym to burn body fat and lose weight, but it sets a certain number or amount of calories to be burnt in one session.
• Interval Training Cardio – this program is said to be the most efficient out of the five enumerated workouts or programs. Also, this workout is designed to be accomplished by an average of 20 minutes only, thus making it less time consuming compared to other programs. This program is a combination of both hard and easy exercises which you do in an alternating manner, usually started by a light warm-up.
• Tabata Interval Cardio – this workout is similar to the interval training cardio but takes up less time, which is an average of 4 minutes only but on a much higher difficulty compared to the interval training cardio. Also, though the workout is more exhausting and seemingly more effective, it’s efficiency and effectiveness is rather questionable to this present day.
• Bodyweight Circuit Cardio – this workout is almost similar to both the interval training cardio and the Tabata interval cardio along with its effectiveness. It differs with the two by alternating lower-body and upper-body workouts then finished off by total body workouts.