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White Vehicle Transport: Car Transportation

Are you planning to go abroad and yet you don’t want to spend hours in driving it? No problem because there are services today that could transport your vehicle in any place. Also, if you want to showcase your tricycle or a vintage car, or even a motorcycle, you can avail these services with an affordable fee.

Why choose the White Vehicle Transport? All because they offer a high-quality service in transporting your car because they have no size limit when it comes to the dimensions of the car to be transported. No matter how small or large it is, they can surely carry it for you. Another thing is that their specialty is to help collect and deliver vehicles to a various locations across United Kingdom and Europe


Their services are also flexible so that you can get what you need exactly. If you want your car to be handled with lots of care, they can provide harnesses for your car so it won’t bump on its
side as it gets transported. Also, their services are open 24/7, which means that if you want your car to be transported in the middle of the night, it can be possible, just be sure that it is your own car and not a stolen one.

Having doubts whether your car is safe when it is transported? You won’t have any worries because this company can give you a full insurance. Meaning, if your car has gained any damages while they are being carried out by their drivers, they are liable to pay for it. If your car is something to be showcased in an event, then there is no doubt that you need your car in its best condition and the courier is liable for any damages they have cause while transporting the car.